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TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17

Pressed Powder Recipe: Blue Blend #21




Phase A (The Press Base)
C-Smax Mica 19% .28
Calcium Carbonate 3% .04
Kaolin Clay 3% .04
Allantoin 2% .04
Zinc Stearate 3% .04
Phase B (The Matte Color Phase)
Ultramarine Blue 15% .23
Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green 5% .08
Phase C (The Pearlescent Color Phase)
Colorona Dark Blue 40% .60
Blue Ice 10% .15
Phase D (The Liquid Pressing Medium)
TKB's My Mix Clear Pressing Binder blended with Preservative Cap-2 (99 drops binder plus 1 drop preservative) As needed (q.s.) As needed (q.s.)


1.  Combine Phase A ingredients in a blender or mortar and pestle.
2.  Add Phase B to Phase A and continuing blending until uniform. (Do a drawdown test to check for streaking)
3.  Add Phase C with gentle mixing.
4.  Add Phase D "drop by drop" until you get a consistency which is like crumbly sand.
5.  Run the blend through a sieve or strainer
6.  Press into a 26mm tin pan
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