Lipstick: Packaging & Equipment

1 floz Cylinder Bottles with Spout Caps
12-Cavity Lipstick Mold - TKB Trading LLC
4-Cavity Lipstick Mold - TKB Trading LLC
60ml Syringe & 6 Pipettes
Bella Glass Jars
1/2 fl oz Flint Glass Dropper Bottle, pack of 10 - TKB Trading LLC
Cutie Pies, Apple
Clear Painterly Pan
Color Blending Palette
Color Wheel Learn to Mix Colors
Economy Lipstick Tube (12.1)
Formulator Brush
Funnel homemade cosmetics


$ 2.99
Git 'er Done

Git 'er Done

from $ 2.69
Gusset Bag

Gusset Bag

$ 21.00
Injector for homemade cosmetics


$ 15.99
Jars: Black Rim and Sifters with Seals
Lip Balm Tubes - Pink
Lipstick Tube, Black Diamond
Lipstick Tube, Noire Gold
Lipstick Tube, Shadow Black
Lipstick Tube, Silver Diamond
Lipstick Tube, Swag Pink and Swag Black (formerly Pink Diamond)