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For over 20 years, TKB has stood for Truth, Knowledge and Beauty

Welcome to our customer-centric,  color-crazed and cosmetically-creative website!

Blog posts

Working with "% by Weight" in a recipe

We get this question a lot:
"I'm looking to make the sparkle body balm, but I don't understand this whole % by weight thing..? Can you convert it to grams or something?"
Here is our answer:
It isn't necessary to convert to grams.  Let's say the recipe is:
10% powder
30% liquid
60% secret ingredient.

The recipe always adds up to 100%.

So, to make a 100 gram recipe, you would just do
10 grams powder
30 grams...
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Increase Lip Gloss wear-resistance with new Citrine Clear Wax

We are often asked how to make the Tkb Gloss Base (formerly known as Versagel) more resistant to being wiped off the lips. The best ingredient to accoplish this is a wax and we are happy to recommend our new: Citrine Clear Wax!

Here is how we found that works best: To 1 gram of TKB Gloss Base, you will want to add from 10%-20% (by weight) of the wax. The more you add, the stronger the fix on the...

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Announcing a site-wide price increase of 10%

In its 20+ years in business, TKB has rarely raised its prices.   
However, increasing material costs, tariffs against Chinese imports to the US, and increases to transportation and labor (you know the drill), well, they all combine to force a serious and complete assessment of the situation.
After much analysis, we have decided to implement a company-wide price increase of 10% on all products,...
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