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Versagel Lip Gloss Calculations

TKB's Versagel is popular lip gloss base which may be used 100% as a base with no additional additives other than color!  A question we get a lot is "How many Lip Glosses can I make with one of your...

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Making A Lip Gloss Base from Scratch

Here is a nice recipe that we suggest: Versagel 750 ME 78% Hydrogenated polyisobutene  10% fractionated coconut oil 10% Sweet Almond Oil 1% Vitamin E oil 1% Glycerine 1% Cap-2 Preservative 1%  

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What is a "Bleeding" or "Non Bleeding" Color?

The word "Bleeding" or "Migrating" refers to a color which tends to migrate over from one place to another.  It is a common problem in Soapmaking, Bath Salt Making, and in making Lip products. In the above photo of Melt...

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Making Your Own Duochromes is Not Possible

You can make colors that shift or shimmer, but those really complicated colors that go from red, to green, to orange and everything in between, there is no way to mix those by hand in your home. The reason has...

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Making your Own Unicorn Highlighter Base

We sell a fun Minute Kit, the Unicorn Highlighter Kit.  Included is a premade base.  Here is the recipe if you want to make it yourself! GRAMS PERCENT 3.2 Grapeseed Oil 34% 5.6 Cyclopentasiloxane 60% 0.45 TKB Thickening Clay 5%...

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TKB Colors: our ready-to-wear products

Recently, we announced on our site that we had some finished matte liquid lipsticks "coming soon" for sale on our site.

I wanted to briefly explain to our long-time customers what this is all about.

For decades, TKB has focused its efforts on supplying raw materials and offering support to indie businesses. We started with the soapmakers and quickly added a variety of indie crafters, with a large...
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