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TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
Presto Change-O Magic Color Changing Lip Liquid

Presto Change-O Magic Color Changing Lip Liquid

In 2023, TKB introduced Presto Change-o Magic Color Changing Lip Liquid for coloring lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm and some lip oils.

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, Presto Change-o allows you to experiment with different ways to surprise and delight your customers.

The product is an intense blend of oils and dye.  You add it "drop by drop" to your base.  While it can color your base somewhat, the real magic happens when you apply it to your lips.  It turns an intense pink shade.

This is because the pH of your body -- which is typically between 4.7 and 5.5 -- reacts with the dye

Here are some important tips for working with Presto Change-o:

  • The product is very staining.  Always work with gloves and a covered table top.  As well, expect your utensils to become stained. The good news is, that once the product stains your lips, it doesn't transfer to clothing or stain other areas, so it is pretty great at "staying in place".

  • The product is very reactive (turns hot pink) to any pH which is above it on the pH scale (the product itself sits at around 3).  You skin and lips are slightly acid at around 4.5 - 6.  Other things as well, such as alcohol, water.  These will also react with the color.

  • To make the product more clear in the bottle, you could add citric acid.  This would make the product more acidic.

  • To clean up, use soap and water.  I also find that using wipes made specifically for cleaning up hair dyes is a great option.

How much to use:

  • More is not always better, so start with the least amount possible and increase as you need.  Here is an image showing what the product looks like added to clear Lip Gloss Base.  You can see that adding the color will impact the color of the product in the bottle.

  • Now, you can mask this color by adding other colors.  For example, if you add black mica to the blend, it will appear black in the bottle.  When applied to the lips, the color will have a slight blackness to it, but it will quickly stain the lips hot pink as well.

  • In this image you can see that the end color looks like on the lips.  See how you get plenty of staining at the lower range. Going stronger can actually overwhelm the product.

Coupled with your creativity, TKB Presto Change-o Magic Color Lip Liquid can result in custom colors as unique as a unicorn's mane. Say goodbye to boring lipsticks and hello to a world of whimsy and wonder with our color-changing lip liquid. 


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