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TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17

Increase Lip Gloss wear-resistance with new Citrine Clear Wax

We are often asked how to make the Tkb Gloss Base (formerly known as Versagel) more resistant to being wiped off the lips. The best ingredient to accoplish this is a wax and we are happy to recommend our new: Citrine Clear Wax!

Here is how we found that works best: To 1 gram of TKB Gloss Base, you will want to add from 10%-20% (by weight) of the wax. The more you add, the stronger the fix on the lips. Add too much, and it may have somewhat of a heavy feel, so please experiment. 


Take 20 grams of TKB Gloss Base and add 4 grams of Citrine Clear Wax

Heat in the microwave for approximately 2 minute. Stir and allow to cool. Test to see if you like the results. 

If you feel that it needs more "staying power", add an additional 4 grams of Citrine Clear Wax. 

Once you have decided what you like, we suggest you remelt it, and add your colors before dispensing into the container. It is easier to get it into the container when it is warmed up 

You can add as much or little color as you like. 

Happy making!

Find our New Citrine clear Wax: Here!

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