Citrine Clear Wax

$ 1.95

Citrine Clear Wax is a VEGAN polymer that is used to help with film-forming and water resistance. It is low color and low odor. Highly recommended when a clear wax matters to your formula.

Watch the video below to see how adding this wax to your TKB Gloss Base (Versagel) will make the product more water-resistant and wear-resistant (and maybe a tad bit more shiny).  In that case, one 10 ml tube will be filled with about = 20 grams of TKB Gloss Base plus 4 grams of Citrine Clear Wax.

Citrine Clear Wax is hard and crystalline, with a 90 - 105C melt point.

Recommended to use with medium to high polarity oils (i.e Natural Oils)




Appearance :                                  Pastilles
Melting Point:                                 90 - 105 °C (194 - 221 °F)
Approximate Molecular Weight:     20,000 Da
Oil Polarity Compatibility:               Medium to High polarity oils

If you are formulating, your oil-phase ingredients can really change how much you like or don't like this wax.  So make small test batches before going big.