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TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
DIY Liquid or Mousse Makeup with TKB Mousse Medium

DIY Liquid or Mousse Makeup with TKB Mousse Medium

What is TKB Mousse Medium?

TKB Mousse Medium is a lightweight, cream colored multi-purpose base for making eye shadow, blush, and lightweight foundations which have a good amount of “play time” before drying down to a transfer-resistant finish.

Click here for recipes using TKB Mousse Medium!

TKB Mousse Medium is sold separately as a base, and you can also discover how easy it is to use in one of our DIY starter kits:


Where Can I Apply TKB Mousse Medium?

TKB Mousse Medium is permitted for use in all cosmetics. It is especially recommended for eye and face color cosmetics. 

How Do I Color TKB Mousse Medium?

TKB Mousse Medium is blended ‘Cold Process”.  That means, no heat is required or recommended. All you need is a bowl and stirring utensil!



Mica Powder: We recommend 20-40% mica by weight, 30% is usually ideal. If you add less mica, your product will be more sheer and thinner in texture. If you add more mica, your product will become stiffer while maintaining a mousse texture. 

Tip: Try using Interference or Duochrome micas for a multi-colored finish!


Pure Pigment Powder: Powder pigments (such as brown oxide, or ultramarine blue) are recommended at 10-30% by weight. To avoid clumps or speckles, you should pre-wet the pigment with a spritz of isopropyl alcohol or an oil of your choice.  After wetting, you may stir it into the TKB Mousse Medium. 

Tip: Consider using TKB Film Fix as your wetting agent. 
The result will be an even more transfer resistant product.




Lake Dye Powder: Powder dyes can be staining and so we recommend no more than 0.5% - 2.0% by weight. These dyes should also be pre-wetted with a spritz of isopropyl alcohol or an oil of your choice before they are mixed into TKB Mousse Medium.  

Tip:  Dyes by themselves will probably be too sheer or staining,
so we recommend you use them as part of a formula
which also includes a Pigment or Mica Powder. 


TKB Lip Liquids: TKB Lip Liquids are recommended at 4 drops per 10 grams of TKB Mousse Medium.  The result will be sheer, and a nice option for a blush.  If you add a more than 4 drops, you run the risk of making your product to thin and liquid or too oily for the skin.

Tip:  If you would like to “bulk up” your thinned down TKB Mousse Medium,
simply add one of the bulk powders, such as
silica dimethyl silylate, kaolin clay, or plain sericite mica.




TKB Gel Tones: Similar to TKB Lip Liquids, we recommend no more than 4 - 6 drops per 10 grams of TKB Mousse Medium.  The result will be sheer, but not oily as these colors use glycerine as their base.  

Tip: In addition to coloring with Gel Tones,
we suggest you add at least 10% by weight of mica powder.
Otherwise, your product will be very sheer and liquid.


Can I Tweak or Adjust TKB Mousse Medium?

Yes, this product may be considered an ingredient within a formula that you are making.  Just don’t heat it up!  In particular we recommend you consider these tweaks:

To make the product less sheer, add an opaque filler such as mica powdertitanium dioxidezinc oxidekaolin claytalc or powder pigments such as iron oxides.

To make the product less thin and more creamy, thicken the base with bulking powders such as silica dimethyl silylatekaolin claytalc, or plain sericite mica.

To give the product a pleasant smell, add a small amount of skin-safe fragrance or essential oil.  TKB’s lavender essential oil is a great option.

To amp up the shine, consider blending ½ TKB Mousse Medium with ½ TKB Glossability Base for a slightly sticky, long lasting glossy product.

Although TKB Mousse Medium will dry down to a rub proof finish, to make the product more transfer resistant, add TKB Film Fix.  The generally recommended amount is 10% of the formula.




How Do I Package TKB Mousse Medium?

Most formulas will be pourable into a cosmetic container such as our 5ml tubes or 5 gram jars. If you have thickened it, you may need to use a syringe.  

All equipment may be cleaned with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol.

TKB Mousse Medium is quick and easy to clean up!


Can I sell TKB Mousse Medium as a finished product?

Mousse Medium is a great base for DIY beauty because you can create a variety of finished eye and face products! It doesn’t get easier than simply mixing in your favorite colored mica to desired consistency. We price our makeup bases, colors and packaging with your profitability in mind.  Here is an example of what you might expect:




Estimated Cost for a 5ml finished eyeshadow

TKB Mousse Medium (average cost)

5 grams (80%)


Mica Powder (average cost)

1 gram (20%)


Lavender E.O.

1 drop


5ml Pentagon Tube (average cost)







Finished product-

5ml mousse eye shadow 



Here are some common retail products and their prices:



Retail Price

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes

5 ml


Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshadow



Stila Shimmer & Glow

Liquid Eyeshadow



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