Dimethicone Titanium Dioxide

$ 1.65
SKU LO-202-6g

DTTD is Titanium Dioxide which has been surface treated with Dimethicone.  If you are working with silicone oil formulations, it is particularly easy to mix in, without a lot of fussiness.  For example, we use this product in our TKB Matte Liquid Lipstick Base. 

In general, a dimethicone treated powder has good water repelling qualities, a smooth and soft skin feel (not draggy), good adhesion, high compressibility and spreadability. 


Titanium Dioxide (77891), Dimethicone.


Particle size (0-5 µm).

Titanium Dioxide is a standard whitening powder used in cosmetics that improving opacity for transparent colors. When it is surface treated with dimethicone, the result is a powder which has a high water repellency and higher compressibility and spreadability.

If you compare DTTD to our MTTD (another surface treated Titanium Dioxide that we offer), there is not much of a different between them in term of color, adhesion and water repellency.

If you into problem with the small white clumps in your product even when you use MTTD, we would suggest you try DTTD. Dimethicone treated surface helps the Titanium Dioxide to mix in easier and enhance compressibility as well as spreadability.


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