Magnesium Myristate (Vegan)

$ 1.50

8/5/2016 Update:  We have confirmed that this product is (and has always been) Vegan. It is derived from Palm tree. 

Base powder which improves performance of your products. Soft and translucent.


Magnesium Myristrate.


Magnesium Myristate is a fine white powder which is made from myristic acid. It improves your cosmetics in lots of ways, but first and foremost, if you are looking for the Magic Bullet to improve adhesion without altering the color too much, this would be it. Try it in about 5-10% of formulation. Other benefits:

It makes your products feel creamier and improves on their "slip" Because it is water insoluble, it has a better wear If you are pressing your powders, it will make them more "pressable" It "magically" binds your ingredients together, giving a general overall better "finish" to your products

Magnesium Myristrate is often used to "surface treat" various products in order to improve on them. For example, we sell MM Sericite, which is sericite mica which has been surface treated with Magnesium Myristrate.