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Making a Lip Liner (which could also be a Cheek Crayon)

Making a Lip Liner (which could also be a Cheek Crayon)

Someone asked me about how to make a lip liner.  There are lots of directions you could go, but basically it is going to be an oil and wax mixture.

Here is a starting point for formulating a lip liner:

Melt together these waxes

Siliconyl Polyethylene - 10.0
Ozokerite Wax - 12.0

Heat to about 70C.

Separately, mix together these liquids:

Dimethicone 100 - 31.5
Isododecane 7.0
Isostearyl Alcohol 4.5

Add to the waxes at about 70C

Remove from heat and stir in  

TKB Film Fix 10.00

The resulting base will be white and not super hard, but also definitely a solid.  It will tend to melt at skin temperature (which is good, that makes it easier to apply).

You can add color, up to about 25 grams of mica powder which would be easy to work with.  You can also add our TKB Lip Liquids, just remember that the lip liquids will introduce some additional oils and might necessitate you cutting back on the oils in the formula.

To make the product less patchy, consider adding a smoothing powder such as Pashmica and as well consider adding Silica Microspheres to improve the slip and skin feel.

This product could also be tweaked to be a cheek crayon or possibly and eye liner.

Have Fun!

Kaila Westerman


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