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Customers’ Favorite TKB Colors and Micas for DIY Blush

Customers’ Favorite TKB Colors and Micas for DIY Blush

Blush is back!

Spring and summer makeup looks call for rouged cheeks and pops of color. Blush is one of our favorite cosmetic products because it instantly livens your complexion and is so easy to apply!

Curious about making your own blush and rouge?

Here’s a list of our customers’ favorite matte TKB colors and shimmery micas for DIY blush:

Matte Colors

“Love, love, love this Cranberry Blush.. it is ESPECIALLY PERFECT for that "sun blushed" look in a powdered blusher! It gives just a perfect natural look when mixed with a light base, to imitate a natural "blushing bride" look!

- Micki H., TKB Customer  


“I'm a makeup formulater, not much of a makeup user, but this blush color is an is so pretty, and definitely different than what I've tried on myself in the is youthful and I absolutely love this product :-D”

- Katie, TKB Customer

Shimmery Micas

“This color is absolutely STUNNING. It's a peachy pink with a gold shimmer to it and it's magnificent. Perfect for the eyes, cheeks, or lips. Definitely a perfect color to have if you want to own your own line of cosmetics.”

- Leah, TKB Customer

“Fantastic soft color for all seasons. Very pigmented and beautiful in natural sunlight. Pinky peach color makes the perfect nude!”

- Jada, TKB Customer

TKB Blush Beige Mica

“There are times I try to talk myself out of using this color, because I put it in everything! It is such a great neutral color that enhances any and every skin tone, yet has vibrancy, shimmer and versatility. I have used this in multiple blushes & bronzers, countless eyeshadows, and both lipsticks & lip glosses. It can be worn alone for a dusting of pinky shimmer or mixed into different bases. LOOOOOVE IT!”

- Karen, TKB Customer

To make DIY pressed blush, check out our Press Your Own Makeup Kit.

For liquid or mousse blush, simply mix a powder color with TKB Mousse Medium!

Shop all TKB blush colors in sample and bulk sizes.

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