Press Your Own Makeup Kit

$ 14.95
Fun easy project, choose the color for your palette!  Digital Download of instructions with every order.  Watch the Video!


  • Click on the FAQ's to see what is included with the kit. Note the sieve in this video is not included as it was discontinued by the manufacturer, but you may purchase a similar sieve at our site.
  • What's included?

    You will need to supply the pigments for pressing (we recommend 2-4 sample sizes of our colored micas).  You may wish to also purchase our sieve and a small bowl for mixing into.

    The kit includes:

    Two 4-well magnetic Charcoal Black Palettes
    Press Pack: Nine Tin Pans; Two Press Tiles; One Tamper Tool
    1/2 fl oz MyMix Clear Pressing Binder Medium (Vegan)
    Pressing Ribbon
    8 zip lock baggies
    2 scoops and 1 spatula Pair of latex gloves
    Sample MyMix Press Base (Vegan)

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