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Affordable TKB Tools & Containers For Your Pro Makeup Kit

Affordable TKB Tools & Containers For Your Pro Makeup Kit

Every professional makeup artist knows that their kit must be regularly stocked and organized to create their best work! Along with a large range of cosmetic colors, we offer affordable makeup tools and containers to help you stay efficient and hygienic on every makeup gig.

Keep reading to discover essential TKB items for your pro makeup kit!


Melt and pour cream products into this compact case, or blend colors in the empty wells to save for later. The clear packaging makes finding your shades a breeze! Comes with one clear doe foot applicator, also sold separately.


Store samples of cosmetics and skincare in these TKB Cutie Pie containers. Offer clients “touch up” lip colors so their makeup still looks perfect throughout the day. These sturdy clamshells come in a range of sizes to keep your kit hygienic, clean and light!


TKB Color Blending Palette - $1.65

The plastic palette is washable and reusable. The bright white of the palette shows off the true color of your creation. Prep your palette with any liquid skincare, primers and foundation before your client is sitting in the chair!

TKB Color Wheel - $4.65

Take the guesswork out of mixing custom colors with our pocket color wheel. An essential tool for color correcting makeup and blending that perfect lipstick or foundation shade.




TKB 26mm Pink Palette - $5.65

Save room in your kit by depotting your single eyeshadows and organizing them into one of our many refillable eyeshadow palettes. Some palettes come with extra tin pans and pressing tools in case one of your eyeshadows takes a tragic fall and needs to be fixed! Create your own color story and choose from a range of pretty packaging colors.



TKB Brush Cleaner - 2 for $4.65

Last but not least, you’ll need a compact, high quality silicone brush cleaner for quickly cleaning your makeup brushes on the go!

This sweet, heart-shaped brush cleaner is travel size and slides perfectly onto your fingertips or can be held in the palm of your hand. Clean your dirtiest brushes with ease!


Shop all TKB makeup packaging and equipment to find out what else you’re missing in your pro makeup kit!

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