Sparks! Collection

$ 11.65
SKU KW-304-2.5g

The collection includes: Aqua Sparks!,Copper Sparks!,Green Sparks!, Red Sparks!, Purple Sparks!, Gold Sparks!, Blue Sparks!, and Noble Silver Sparks!

Sparks! are a dramatic, natural, glitter for use in body glitters, eye shadows and nail laquers. Sparks! are very transparent and reflective, similar to glitter. However, glitter is typically made from metal or plastic. Our Sparks! are made from a thin, smooth and uniform mineral platelet of Calcium-Aluminum-Borosilicate. This means they are: a) mineral based, and b) softer to the touch.

This collection includes: Aqua Sparks,Copper Sparks,Green Sparks, Red Sparks, Purple Sparks, Gold Sparks, Blue Sparks, and Noble Silver Sparks.