Economy Monster Beads

$ 0.65
SKU QE-107-30

Stainless steel beads made for nail polish bottles.


Stainless steel.

Economy Monster beads are the more affordable version of our Monster beads. They are the same size and made from the same material, except these are a little bit less shiny compared to the original. Their diameter is approximately 4mm (5/32") and we recommend using two per bottle.

Weight & Dimension:

Economy Monster Beads:  0.25g & 4mm (5/32")
Small Monster Beads: 0.25g & 4mm (5/32")
T-Rex Beads: 0.42g & 4.8mm (3/16")
Dragon Beads: 0.70g & 5.6mm (7/32")
Zilla Beads: 1.02g & 6mm (1/4")


Note: we only sell 100% stainless steel beads. The beads do not contain zinc, which can discolor in nail lacquers.

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