Dragon Beads

$ 0.65
SKU QE-113-30

Stainless steel beads made for nail polish bottles.


Stainless steel.

Dragon beads are the smaller alternative for the Zilla beads. If you think Zilla beads are too big for your bottles, Dragon beads are the good alternative. Their diameter is approximately 5.6mm (7/32"). 

Weight & Dimension:

Economy Monster Beads:  0.25g & 4mm (5/32")
Small Monster Beads: 0.25g & 4mm (5/32")
T-Rex Beads: 0.42g & 4.8mm (3/16")
Dragon Beads: 0.70g & 5.6mm (7/32")
Zilla Beads: 1.02g & 6mm (1/4")


Note: we only sell 100% stainless steel beads. The beads do not contain zinc, which can discolor in nail lacquers.

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