TKB 3-Cavity Lipstick Mold

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Yeah!  An affordable and fun lipstick mold!  Fun times in your future!

Hey have you seen the video made by Marie of Humblebee & Me?  Very complete and with recipes!


Click here for her Blog post if you prefer

Recipe Quickstart: 

Blend 0.3 grams (1/8th teaspoon) of mica powder and 0.3 grams (about ten drops) of TKB Lip Liquid to  3 - 4 grams (1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon) of lipstick base. The powder gives it some body and helps the color transfer.


Details: ABS Plastic - BPA-Free; 12.1 cup size, 3 cavities

The lipstick mold measures approximately 4'' (100 mm) long, 1'' (25 mm) wide, and 1.8'' (45 mm) high.


1. How to use:

  • Swab the inside of the mold with a light oil (mold release).
  • When you pour the lipstick into the mold, keep the two pieces together with rubber bands or your fingers.
  • Place in freezer for at least 20 - 30 minutes (longer is better).
  • Very gently unstick the two mold parts
  • Make sure your lipstick casing is twisted all the way up
  • Place the case over the lipstick "bullet" and pull straight up to remove from mold.
  • You can also carefully pull the "bullet" out of the mold with your fingers and place it into the lipstick case just as you would put a candle into a candlestick.
  • Clean with alcohol or a light oil.  
  • Do not microwave or use a dishwasher

2. What temperature can the mold withstand?

  • We suggest not heating liquid more than 150F or 65C, which is standard for molds. A rule of thumb before pouring into the mold, is to wait until the liquid stops "moving" or swirling about on it's own. Once it has stopped swirling, it is fine to pour into the mold.

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