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We are shipping in 1-3 business days.

Economy Monster Beads

Economy Monster Beads has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 26 reviews.
Original price $ 0.65 - Original price $ 6.50
Original price
$ 0.65
$ 0.65 - $ 6.50
Current price $ 0.65

Stainless steel beads made for nail polish bottles.

Material: Stainless steel.

Economy Monster beads are the more affordable version of our Monster beads. They are the same size and made from the same material, except these are a little bit less shiny compared to the original. Their diameter is approximately 4mm (5/32") and we recommend using two per bottle.

Weight &Dimension:

Economy Monster Beads: 0.25g & 4mm (5/32")
Small Monster Beads: 0.25g & 4mm (5/32")
T-Rex Beads: 0.42g & 4.8mm (3/16")
Dragon Beads: 0.70g & 5.6mm (7/32")
Zilla Beads: 1.02g &6mm (1/4")

Note: we only sell 100% stainless steel beads. The beads do not contain zinc, which can discolor in nail lacquers.

Size: Bag of 30