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Zubbles -- Non-Staining Colored Soap Bubbles

There is a fascinating article in the December 2005 Popular Science magazine about the invention of colored soap bubbles. You will no doubt see this unique invention on the market by next summer -- at the latest.

These soap bubbles are vivid colors -- purple, pink, etc., and yet, when they burst the dyes do not stain or color. Instead, they simply disappear. Read the article to understand the science behind this, it is fascinating. FASCINATING!

What's the use of this new invention? Aside from the joy of colored bubbles, and the use of colored bubbles for special events (think pink bubbles at a breast cancer awareness fundraiser), the invention is mostly a breakthrough in dye technology.

For example, imagine having a sponge that leaves behind a trail of color to show you where you have wiped . . . and after a few minutes the color disappears. Or a toothpaste that colors the inside of your kid's mouth to show where they have brushed, until it disappears.

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