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Which Lip Gloss Base Should I Use? Check Out 3 Different DIY Lip Gloss Bases From TKB Trading

Which Lip Gloss Base Should I Use? Check Out 3 Different DIY Lip Gloss Bases From TKB Trading

Looking for the perfect DIY lip gloss base for your own lip gloss line?


TKB Trading now has three different lip gloss bases for you to choose from! Keep reading to find out which lip gloss base is the best for your own DIY beauty project…

Formerly called TKB Glossability Base, TKB High Shine Lip Topper (G-Base) is a high shine and crystal clear gloss base full of Possibility! G-Base is a sticky, clear gel product with less air bubbles. This lip gloss base includes Vitamin E for additional moisture and hydration. Great choice for transparent lip gloss formulas. Ideally colored with liquids like those from the Mosaic Lip Liquid Set. Dyes or lightweight color additives are best for this base. Heavy powders or pigments are likely to settle since it has a light viscosity.

TKB Natural Gloss Base easily adds natural shine to your formula! It’s perfect for sticky, natural lip gloss. This gloss base is jojoba oil based combined with marula oil, argan oil and Vitamin E! The most amazing combination of natural oils for lip and skin care benefits. This lip gloss base has a slightly yellow tint and medium viscosity.

TKB Gloss Base, also known as Versagel, is a thick, clear gel used for lip gloss and various oil, lotion and gel formulations. TKB Oil Fusion is an excellent and commonly used additive for improving the texture and consistency of this very thick gloss base. Can be colored with a variety of cosmetic grade micas, glitters and pigments which will stay suspended due to its heavy viscosity.

Don’t forget to check out all the TKB Lip Liquids™ and lip approved micas to color your lip gloss!

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