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Where to Get Ideas for Your Blog

Here are two tips.

1) Set up a schedule: Monday = What's New, Tuesday = Recipe, Wednesday = Tip or Trick, and so forth. If you have a specific schedule like this, then it is kind of a no-brainer. You simply look at the calendar, see, Oh, it's Monday, and then ask yourself what you could talk about that is new. I used this tip for a few weeks and it really helped me with daily blogging.

Having said this, daily blogging is really just generating lots of words on a page. If your purpose is to drive traffic to your blog or your company, I think you get more bang for your buck if you write about things which have a lot of buzz.

For example, my post on the natural colorants used in cosmetics by 100% Pure, I get a lot of traffic off of that, compared to other posts. And I've seen a lot of comments as well. I suspect this post is the perfect storm of topical, controversial, and intriguing.

So, how does one find more topics like this? Recently I discovered Google Alerts. They could not make it any easier for you to get daily (or less often if you want) alerts about topics of interest to you. These alerts will direct you to other blogs, posts, websites, news stories, etc., about a topic of interest. If all you do is post: "Hey look at this fascinating blog post I found on such and such . . . and here is what I think about it . . . " Well, I think then you can consider yourself having jumped into the giant stream of info that is our internet.
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