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Tips on Naming Your New Products

Ever wonder what neat name to give your most recent blend of brown micas? How about Electric Mud? Or Moondance, or Coppertunity, or Currant or Jolt? If your brain needs a jumpstart on color names and color trends, check out The Color Marketing Group (CMG).

Every year, this trade association gets together and goes through a five-step process to come up with the palettes of the future. Fortune 500's and others eagerly await CMG's forecasts for what colors will be hot for the next one to three years. Not just for cosmetics, but for everything retail such as furniture, clothing, consumer electronics . . .

Remember 2005? Here is their predicted color directions for that year: The spa experience is adding a spiritual nature to color, resulting in a fresh, rejuvenating and clean palette. In fashion, the resulting color palette included Clay Pot (spice brown), Good Earth (rock red), Thistle Bloom (dusky purple), Late Night Blue (dark blue) and Sulpher (neutral khaki).

And . . . what's ahead for 2006? Warmer, clearer and brighter colors. In the home look for Asian Rose, Bliss, Decoesque, Elemental Gray and Flemish Gold. If you want to know more about CMG (or want to know what these colors are) or want some ideas for some neat names for colors, then visit their website!

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