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We are shipping in 1-3 business days.

By Kaila Westerman, TKB Trading, LLC on 2015-09-16

Birthin' our New Baby 5.0!

TKB was founded in December 1997.  Over the years, we have had plenty of .... simple-looking.... web designs.

What we lacked in flash and sizzle, we made up for in prices, heart and innovation.  Time has caught up with us though and we really needed to become "mobile friendly".  For this reason we are now launching our new version of "us".  It's a lot prettier!

Here are some functional issues and differences between old and new site that customers have asked us to explain.  We will post more answers to questions as they arise!

Q: Why the change?  A:  We have to be mobile-friendly for our customers.  Our new site will have other awesome functions, but the mobile-friendly was the main issue.

Q:  Is my order history going to come over to the new site?  A:  Sadly, no.  The old site was so old fashioned it did not integrate with any of the new site options we had.  We have, however, kept our old site information active so if you require us to look anything up for you, reprint orders or do any similar research, we are happy to help you.

Q: Are all the products and prices the same?  A:  For the most part, yes.  We have added some new products to the new site and will continue to add at that location. We have also changed how we sell our plastic jars and made some adjustments on prices as a result.  If you see something that confuses you or seems off, or that you simply don't like, please let us know!

Q:  Is shipping the same?  A: Yes, it should be.  Eventually we hope to implement something which will allow the international customers easier checkout without going through a "quote" process.

Q: Did you change your company name to  A:  No.  As tried and true DIYer's we are pretty much making the transition to the new website on our own.  This means a lot of learning curves to navigate.  To make the process a little more tentative we have temporarily had "two" versions of our company.  One at and the other at  However very soon both addresses will point to the exact same site.  So you can type in either address.

Q:  Is the change of a website the first step in some kind of overall plan to change what TKB does, what it sells or who its customer base is?  A:  No. We don't normally have overall plans anyway, usually we stick to mood swings. Of course, we do hope, once the dust settles on the launch we can turn our attention away from website development for a while and back into sourcing new recipes, ideas, products and such.

Anyway, it has been a looonnnggg process to get this baby birthed.  I'll try to blog about the important things I learned, in case they are helpful to those out there, but in the meantime, hold on to your seats.  TKBTrading 5.0 launching soon!


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