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TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17

Nanotech and Makeup

Interesting blurb in Business 2.0 magazine about nanotechnology as used in color cosmetics (November, 2005, pg. 36).

It says that L'Oreal will release a new line of lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish in 2006. The products will look white in their packages, but when they are applied and interact with light, the makeup will shimmer with vivid colors.

What's happening is that the color in the makeup will not come from dyes and pigments (as is the case now). Instead, liquid crystals will be microscopically layered in such a way that they will reflect light and thereby produce different hues. Think of how an oil slick reflects light, or a soap bubble.Wow!

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