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We ship in 1-3 business days. We're closed July 4 & 5 for the holidays

Asian American Makeup Artist creates her own cosmetic line

SF Chronicle, 06/04/06. Taylor Pham, a local Vietnamese-American woman worked as a makeup artist specializing in wedding makeup. Then she got the idea to create her own line.

Her line is called Thi (pronounced "tea") and may be viewed at It includes shadows, blush, lipstick, gloss and brushes. While the color palette is limited, the packaging and formulation are designed to be luxurious. In particular, the line is geared to suit the Asian woman.

Pham's efforts reflect the trend toward boutique "prestige" makup brands. According to industry experts, growth in these brands is very strong.

One thing that makes her stand out is an invention for which she has "patent pending" status. The invention is a unique type of false eyelashes specifically for the Asian eye. More than 5000 were sold in the first three weeks they came out, at $15 a pop.

Pham also worked to develop her own line of brushes which work particularly well to accent the Asian eye.

I think the take away from this post is that if you develop your own line, coming up with an idea, an invention or something that otherwise sets you apart from the crowd is very important. In the case of Pham, for example, her unique false eye lashes got the attention of professionals and made them curious about her other products.

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Kaila Westerman
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