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TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17
TKB is Closed Memorial Day May 17

Special Opportunity through July 19, 2009

As you may know, we have added a "customer review" function to our website. I would like to get the ball rolling on this and the best way is to get a lot of reviews up. Once there are a lot of reviews on the site, more people will be likely to put in their two cents, and hopefully everyone will benefit.

So, here's what I'm proposing.

For every review you post, between now and Sunday night (midnight) July 19, I will credit you $.75, up to a maximum of 26 reviews. This adds up to $19.50 which is equal to the amount of a minimum order of $16.50 plus first class shipping. Therefore, you could end up getting an order shipped to you completely free. Or, you can simply apply the gift certificate to any order you place, large or small.

On Monday, July 20, I will issue gift certificates for the total of your credit.

Now here are the all-important ground rules which we will enforce strictly, arbitrarily and without checking in with you first. Please do not participate in this opportunity if you are likely to get angry at TKB for determining that you have not followed these rules:

1) In order to write a review, you will have to register at our site and do it at the site. We will not accept emails.
2) You can only review a product which you have actually purchased from TKB Trading.
3) You cannot cut and paste essentially the same review for each product. You have to create up to 26 unique statements. Also, you can't copy from your friends or from other reviews on the site. You have to come up with your own words.
4) The reviews do not have to be all "Five Stars", just honest and helpful.
5) The reviews cannot direct people to a different company or resource, or compare our products to another company's products (even if it does so favorably, it just wouldn't be polite).
6) You must be willing to let us edit your review for content.
7) You do not have to do 26 reviews, you can do just one, and we will give you a $.75 gift certificate. It doesn't matter to us.
8) If we are overwhelmed, we reserve the right to end this opportunity earlier than Sunday (although I doubt that will happen). There will be NO rainchecks. So you probably should check this blog first before you start your reviews to make sure that we are still running this program (I'll keep this post up to date).
9) Your review must be longer than just a few words and it must be heartfelt, meaningful and useful to people who read it.

Here are examples of reviews which would be rejected:
  • "Love this color, use it all the time!"
  • "This brown is beautiful."
  • "Great buy, best I've seen"

Here are examples of reviews which would earn you a credit (actual examples from our website):
  • for both black and white skin! Used as a wonderful all round eyeshadow on my african dark skinned friend. And as an eyeliner and in the crease for mt green eyes and very light skin for at smokey effect.
    Its fantastic around green and brown eyes.
  • I made this color, but I had a problem...I didn't have enough Pearl White, so I didn't add as much in, but the color turned out the same...It just doesn't look as light...but when I put it on my finger...It is a very close match. I love this color...I paired it with Beach sand..and I got compliments all day long!
  • I purchased this at the same time as my ingredients for my foundation, concealer, setting powder, and it fits great in my purse or travel bag for touch ups. I think I will buy the smaller size for blush and eyeshadow.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you plan on telling your friends about this opportunity, please make sure they are aware of ALL the rules because I would hate to disappoint anyone.

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