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By Kaila Westerman, TKB Trading, LLC on 2009-08-14

Press Release

August 11, 2009

Changes to the Mixing Pot
Pigment Lady's Simple Pleasures purchased by TKB Trading

It was 1996. EBAY and Craigslist were uncertain startups right along with Lori Schenkelberg's “Pigment Lady” and Kaila Westerman's “TKB Trading”.

“We met in an AOL chat room,” explains Kaila. “What started out as a hobby for us, quickly became micro businesses. Our other chat room buddies included ElaineWhite (who had just published a book on soapmaking), Melody Upham (founder of Rainbow Meadows soapmaking supplies) and Linda Jines (founder of Sweetcakes Soapmaking and Candle Supplies). None of us would have imagined our futures unfolding as they did. At the time, we were simply trying to make soap.”

The Pigment Lady was the first to offer repacked pigments and dyes to soap makers at an affordable price. In 1996, her son was just entering first grade; he is now entering college. “It's been a long journey which has been comprised of a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and a lot of life lessons thrown in for good measure,” says Lori. “I could not have done it without the loyal soap making community which supported me throughout the years, and I thank them!”

Lori's decision to sell her business to Kaila is one which will benefit her Simple Pleasures customers. Kaila's TKB Trading already offers hundreds of pigment, dye and mica options, and her customer service and loyalty are unsurpassed.

For information on TKB Trading, visit them at or
To contact Lori and wave “goodbye”, please shoot an email to
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