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We currently ship in 1-3 days.

Changing Relationships One Lippie at a Time

Recently, we hosted a Lipstick Color Challenge on our forum ( Each of the 30 participants received an assortment of pre-colored, pre-finished lipstick bases as well as the tools and containers needed to formulate their own unique color blends.

The idea behind the contest was to make it easy for people to just dig in and have fun with color. At the end of the contest, participants were invited to submit photos and the winners received gift certificates for our shop. The above link shows the winners of this part of the contest.

But who were the real winners, really? Read the following to find why we think gathering around a microwave with a pile of lippies is good for the planet.

"Ok we're done playing with our kit. There were 5 of us and we each made one formula as we did it as a family project, my boyfriend had such a good time, he made a couple extra for his mom to give her for Christmas . . . I about fell off my chair when he didn't stop at his obligatory lippie . . He went into it so grudgingly, with no experience and totally got into it and then went beyond. HE was the last one sitting at the table mixing away, it was adorable. Not only that but he wrote down his formula for it even though it's a once in his lifetime gift for his mom and I didn't even make him! The kids loved it, even the ones who would rather have been playing "wii", when they were done, they said "That's it? That was easy" and "Can I make more tomorrow? . . .

. . . It was nice having that family time where everyone got creative and all truly had fun. We're always doing family projects but that was the first time everyone played in makeup. And you know, the big manly man who made lipstick for his mom? I overheard him on the phone with his sister confirming which shade his mother wears and how he thinks he should make her one that's more of a peach. Yep, he might be going back for seconds with the kit and solo!"
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