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5 Tips to Unforgettable Wedding Day Nails

When I was 8 years old and dressing up for my imagined day, I painted my nails with white out and colored them in with permanent markers only to end up desperately scrubbing the ink and paint off before my parents found out. Was your first experience with painted nails the same?

My name is Kimberly Simon and I am the resident makeup artist and product designer here at TKB!  I’m so excited to announce one of our first projects: the sponsorship of a DIY Nail Polish Bar at David Tutera’s April 17thYour Wedding Experience” in Houston, Texas!  At the event, attendees will dabble in the adventure of mixing their own wedding day nail polish. 

For the show, I created 12 unique recipes.  From the fairy tale inspired “Cinderella” blue to a rosy “Blushing Bride”, my favorite is a glittery, white polish recipe named “Bridal Party”.  I created these recipes based on this year’s wedding color trends!

Making a custom polish for your wedding is fun and affordable. The hardest part is picking the color itself!  Here are my 5 tips for choosing the perfect nail polish color for your wedding day:

1.    Try on polish weeks, even months ahead of the big day. 

Consider how each color makes you feel and what kind of attitude it stirs in you.  For example, the color red promotes a classic and sexy tone.  Nude colors represent the more traditional bride.  Pastel colors are incredibly trendy for weddings in 2016, but remember the rule is: There Are No Rules!

2.    Never skip the base coat and top coat.

If long-lasting gel manicures aren’t your style, invest in the most high-performance base and top coat for your wedding day.  Different top coat formulas may slightly alter the color you’re wearing.  Choose wisely!

3.    Consider your wedding accessories.

Unless you’re dressing in anything but white, your nails, makeup and bouquet will be the colors of the show!  Consider how your manicure will pair with your flower arrangement and makeup details.  This trio will make an impression in most of your wedding day photos, so make sure they all get along!

4.    Trust your intuition.

It can be easy to doubt your choices and rely on others for wedding planning advice.  When it comes to your nail color, the only person who will be wearing it is you! Your perfect nail polish color is an enjoyable, rewarding, personal experience.  Don’t let it be anything else.

5.    Be prepared.

If you’re attending David Tutera’s Your Wedding Experience, why not bring photos of your dress?  A binder full of all your wedding theme ideas will be incredibly useful as you gather many more inspirational options at the event, especially at the DIY nail bar.

For more pre-show wedding ideas, be sure to check out our nail polish bar hostess Alejandra Baca-Rodriguez and her beautiful wedding blog-

We are looking forward to seeing all the colors you create- don’t forget to show us your handcrafted nail polish from the show by tagging us #TKBColors on Instagram

TKB Colors Makeup Artist
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C - October 16, 2016

How do we find the colors that you designed? Are there recipes available, or finished products?

Maryam - September 28, 2016

Am wondering
If the nail polish Base

t - September 13, 2016


Maurie ONeal - August 11, 2016

Not a bride but as a customer of yours this is awesome! I wish the event all the success!

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