Zinc Oxide, high micron

$ 1.65
SKU KR-404-6g

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Zinc Oxide with superior coverage over our other options.


Zinc Oxide (77497).


9/15/2014 Update: We had a price increase from the manufacturer and were forced to raise our prices on the bulk product.

Zinc Oxide is a fluffy, white powder. We offer several versions: Lo Micron, Z-cote and High Micron.

Lo Micron and Z-cote are relatively translucent. High Micron is a larger particle size (passing through 325 mesh) and is a better option for cosmetics which require more coverage and density.

Zinc Oxide's purpose is to protect the skin from UV and other damage. Commonly, it is found in ointments, creams, and lotion. Zinc oxide is a natural mineral.

The average Micron Size for this powder = 44



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