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TKB Vine Ripe Red Concentrate

TKB Vine Ripe Red Concentrate has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 3 reviews.
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Vine Ripe Red is similar to our Tomato Red, in that it is a great, basic red which is non-bleeding and cosmetic grade. It is a blend of Tomato Red and Red Oxide, and so it is darker and somewhat more "brick" in hue. It is also slightly less expensive than Tomato Red.

Formulated specifically for soap and lotion makers. Not recommend for use in oil based products such as lip gloss simply because this is a water-based product and oil and water do not mix.


Glycerine, Red Oxide, Red #30 (73360)

1 fl. oz. will color approximately 24 pounds of soap to a medium shade.

Our color concentrates are water-soluble pigments or dyes suspended in vegetable glycerine.

Size: 1/2floz (15ml)