TKB's Thickening Clay

$ 1.50

Thickening additive for use in personal care and cosmetic products, such as cream, lotion, sunscreen, foundation, lipstick, etc.  Use rate is about 1 - 3 % by weight.
We recommend it in particular for use in our Highlighting Drops recipe to keep the pigments fully suspended.
1. Simply add 1 - 3% by weight of TKB's Thickening Clay to the basic recipe.
2. The key is to add the clay to the oils first, and use a stick blender to blend it in really well.
3. After that, add the mica powder. Without a stick blender, it would not have been well mixed. 
Here is a link to the Youtube Video showing us making the Highlighting Drops with TKB's Thickening Clay: Click here.


Quaternium-90 Sepiolite (and) Quaternium-90 Montmorillonite . The product is Vegan.