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TKB's Covid-19 Updates (last updated 4/13/20) CLICK HERE

Sunflower Wax

$ 1.65

ETA: 07/25/2019

We will have 50kgs soon !!!!


Vegetable wax with high melting point.

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax.
Pam's Shimmer Lip Balm Using Sunflower Wax
Ingredient   Gram %
Phase A      
  Sunflower Wax 5gr 20%
Phase B      
  Coconut Oil 3.75gr 15%
  Meadowfoam Oil 3.75gr 15%
  Jojoba Oil 8 gr 32%
  Lanolin 2.5gr 10%
  Mica 1.25gr 5%
Phase C      
  Flavoring Oil 0.75gr 3%
TOTAL   25gr 100%


1) Measure Phase A, place into double boiler vessel (I use a 1 cup pyrex measuring cup).

2) While the wax is melting, measure out phase B. I measure this into a small 2oz. stainless steel creamer vessel. Use a colored mica of your choice.

3) When wax is melted, hold phase B vessel in the double water, constantly stirring with your thermometer until temperature 175F is reached. Take out of water, wipe the outside of stainless steel vessel to get the water off of it.

4) Pour Phase B into Phase A. Stir well. Take out of double boiler, wipe water off outside of pyrex measuring cup.

5) Add Phase C. (I use a disposable pipette) Stir well. Pour into mold at 168-170F.

Note: You want to heat the oil so that it doesn't shock the wax when you add it.