Opal Clear Wax

$ 1.95

Opal Clear Wax is a vegan oil structuring polymer used for film-forming and water resistance. Opal Clear Wax is a low color and low odour high performance thermoplastic solid, proven to form crystal clear, thermo-reversible gels. It may be used in a variety of formulations including sun care, body care, skin care and color cosmetics.

Opal Clear Wax is flexible and has a melt point of 75-79C.

Recommended to use with Low to Medium polarity oils (i.e Mineral Oils)




Appearance :                                 Pastilles
Melting Point:                                75 - 79 °C (167 - 174 °F)
Approximate Molecular Weight:    4,500 Da
Oil Polarity Compatibility:              Low to Medium polarity oils

The ingredients in the oil phase of a formulation can greatly impact the performance of the polymers. As a result, consideration to the intended application, product format and compatibility with other ingredients in the formulation should be given in order to select the appropriate clear waxes.


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