Lip Liquid - Pigment Red

$ 2.50

Update 4/28/16: We have made a little adjustment to our Pigment Red Lip Liquid. The ingredients list is the same, but the color is now slightly darker compare to our old one. See comparison in photo gallery.

Our Lip Liquids are super easy-to-use dyes or pigments pre-dispersed in castor oil. They may be used in any project which is oil-based such as Cold Process soaps and lotions.


Castor Oil, Iron Oxide (77491).


1/2 fl oz of a Lip Liquid contains about 300 drops of color. This is enough to color approximately 20 4-gram lipsticks.

Adding approximately 10% by weight of a texturizing powder such as TKB's Pashmica will increase or boost the color payout.