Jars: Shiny Gold Rim and Flip Top Sifters

$ 10.35
Jar Size

Note:  the photos show the lids properly, but also show the "sifter with seal" (a different product), we will be updating our photo as soon as possible. Please be assured that if you order on this page, you will receive Flip Top sifters.

When you order our jars, they will come as a complete, unassembled set including a base, a flip top sifter and a lid.

If you would like to order jars with rotating sifters, or jars with sifters with seals, you need to be on a different page.

We offer a variety of jar sizes.  For specific dimensions and amount of material each holds, please click on the FAQ tab.


Jars are Polystyrene; sifters are Polypropylene.


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