How Big Is The Universe? Collection

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No one knows the exact size of the universe. For all we know, it would take approximately 46 billion light-years to go across the universe. So while running down our warehouse aisle, these colors reminded me of 6 of the many planets that we've discovered so far...There are approximately 50 sextillion habitable planets in the entire universe!


Approved for cosmetic use, including eyes & lips except where noted.  From Left to Right:

★ Sienna Fine (vegan)
★ Passion Orange (vegan)
★ Sparkle Gold (vegan)
★ Sparkle Rose (NOT vegan)
★ Oriental Beige (vegan)
★ Emerald (vegan, NOT permitted for Lip Use in USA)

Soap Safe?: Sparkle Rose is NOT stable in CP Soap


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