Girl Next Door Collection

$ 10.65
SKU KW-007

11/27/17 Update: We changed Pink Coral to Pink Coral Blush

Springy/Summery theme, looks nice for an eye shadow palette.


All of these colors are packed as sample sizes of 2.5 - 6 grams each.

Approved for cosmetic use, including eyes & lips.  From Left to Right:

★ Calliope (vegan) - 6g
★ Blackstar Gold (vegan) -6g
★ Shanira Sun (vegan) - 2.5g
★ Foxy (vegan) - 6g
★ Matte Orange Pop (vegan) -6g
★ Pink Coral Blush (vegan)- 6g

Soap Safe?: Pink Coral is NOT stable in CP Soap.

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