Domed Squeezie Lip Gloss Tubes

$ 5.65
SKU QC-401-10

These tubes come in three parts: 

* Tube
* Slanted Tip
* Domed Cap

- Shrink bands for these tubes can be found here.
- We offer two type caps: Domed Top Squeezie and/or Flat Top Squeezie.


Plastic. BPA-Free

The tube material is LDPE, the stopper material is HDPE and cap is PP

This product is safe for food use


We now offer two sizes: Domed Squeezie and Flat Top Squeezie.

a) Domed Squeezie. Will hold approximately 10 ml of product (approximately 6 grams/2 teaspoons of lip gloss). The tubes measure approximately 70mm and the tip and cap add another 15mm for a total length of about 85mm. Width approximately 20mm.

b) Flat Top Squeezie. Will hold approximately 11 ml of product. The tubes measure approximately 65mm and the tip and cap add another 20mm for a total length of about 85mm. The Flat Top can stand on its top, upright. It has a larger diameter opening than the Domed Squeezie. Width approximately 25mm.

There are several techniques for filling the Squeezie. You can use a plastic pipette or any microwaveable container with a spout. If your product is thick (pure versagel or solid balm), consider using our injector tool. If your product is thinner (oil, or melted balm), consider our 10ml syringe.

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