Dark Brown Oxide

$ 1.50

This is a darker version of our Brown Oxide.


Iron Oxide (77491), Iron Oxide (77499).



  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

        I love the fact, that this can be used for a basic brown for all the natural eye shadows - or on its own (with a little help from blenders, binders and so on)- I have also made a perfect low lighter / dark contouring for the chin and nose and . Really versatile and useful for a lot of things. Great for a smokey effect - the natural way. I have also used it for a great even out skin - for my Danish Kenyan African friend. Some types of black skin would love this.

         This is good for filling in eyebrows and using in your foundation recipes.

         I love this dark brown Iron oxide. It helps me to create foundations, and shadows that are so unique and special. So if you are wanting something dark without being black...you need to check this out!

         I made a "quickie" deep brown eyeshadow with this.  One part oxide to five parts Texture Base.  Very nice dark color.

         I've tried other "dark brown's" and have to say this is one of the best dark browns out there.  It's got brown/black/red/blue all wrapped into it.  Mix it with purple to make a rich aubergine.  Very very versatile.

         We all know a big component of a successful smokey look in using a dark color in the corners of the crease and on the lower lid.  Using this dark espresso coffee brown, you achieve a more natural smokey eye.  Especially on fair to medium skin tones, or a daytime look.

         This color reminds me of coffee grinds. I use it a lot for my neutral cut crease looks.

         ...just perfect for deep, dark colors.  The color (according to my screen) is lighter than it actually is in person.

         This works well in CP soap. A nice, rich brown. A little goes a long way!

         Dark brown, with a hint of red. Rich, dark chocolately color. So necessary.

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