Coconut Oil - 76 Degree

$ 4.65
SKU FE-203-1LB

Coconut Oil which melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit.


Coconut oil is commonly used in soap-making, because it offers up a great lather once it has saponified with lye. It is also very popular in massage oils. In some countries, women rub their hair with coconut oil to keep it soft and silky. Our coconut oil is also food grade, for those who would like to use it for cooking/baking. 


We offer coconut oil as either 76-degree or 92-degree. This refers to the temperature it will melt at in Fahrenheit. So, if you want something more liquid then go for the 76-degree. If you want something more solid, go for the 92-degree. Both will tend to melt when you rub it into your skin (since our skin's temperature is about 91 degrees). The 76-degree is expeller pressed and solvent extracted. The 92-degree is expeller pressed, solvent extracted and hydrogenated.