TKB Bright Blue Concentrate

$ 1.65
SKU X-117-SA
Liquid blue dye.

Glycerine, Blue #1 (42090:2).

Bright Blue Concentrate is a basic blue dye, great for soaps and personal care products. It is one in our family of "Bright" dyes which includes Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Warm Yellow, Bright Purple, Bright Green, Teal Blue and Bright Orange.

1 fl. oz. will color approximately 24 pounds of soap to a medium shade.

Recommended Add-On

Twist Top Spout for 2-16 fluid ounce bottle

Twist Top Spout for 32 fluid ounce bottle

Cosmetic Grade. USA approved for use: Eyes, Face, Lips. EU approved for use: Lips, Eyes, Face. Recommended for melt & pour soap making. Color will bleed in soap and is not stable in Cold Process (high pH).