15ml Lord Alexander Bottle

$ 2.65
SKU QO-403-5

Update 04/09/18: New and improve Alexander Bottle. Our new version of Alexander Bottle is whiter and clearer compare to the old version (see gallery for comparison photos). Please note that the new bulk pack sizes are Flat-140 and Case-280.

Elegant, rectangular 15ml nail polish bottle.

Bottle is glass. Cap is plastic and brush is a lacquered synthetic bristle.
Bottle Height: 59mm (up to neck)
Bottle Length &Width: 36mm x 17mm
Brush Size: Premium 13/96/52
Cap Height: 44mm

When we say a brush measures 13/96/30, this means that it will fit a bottle that has a 13/415 neck finish, that the cap it will fit needs to have a 96 core and that the length of the brush is 30mm long.