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We currently ship in 1-3 days.
We currently ship in 1-3 days.

Yellow Beeswax Beads

Yellow Beeswax Beads has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 16 reviews.
Original price $ 1.65 - Original price $ 55.65
Original price
$ 1.65
$ 1.65 - $ 55.65
Current price $ 1.65

4/6/22 We changed Yellow Beeswax Beads from pastille to granule. The pastilles are a flat bottom bead with a diameter of approximately 5mm. The previous product is shown on the right image. Note that color vary slightly batch to batch (pale yellow - true yellow).

Yellow Beeswax Beads are  used in lotions, lip products, creams, eye pencils, soap and candle making, etc.  They are sold in pastilles and are cosmetic-grade.

Cera Alba (Beeswax) (CAS#: 8006-40-4)

YELLOW Beeswax Beads carry the classic aroma of beeswax. If you prefer a deodorized you can get the white version.

Both styles are provided in the easy-to-measure and easy-to-melt form of beads (rather than blocks).

Melting point of our waxes:

Ingredient Centigrade
Candelilla 68.5C - 72.5C
Carnauba 80C - 86C
Ceresine 54C - 71C
Citrine Clear Wax 90C - 105C
Double Refined Candelilla Wax 68.5C - 72.5C
Emulsifying Wax 50C - 54C
Microcrystalline Wax 88C - 96C
Opal Clear Wax 75C - 79C
Ozokerite Wax 60C - 93C
Paraffin Wax Beads 65.5C - 68.3C
 Polyester Castor Wax 50C - 70 C

Rice Bran Wax

78C - 82C
Sunflower Wax 74C - 77C
Synthetic Jojoba Wax 60C - 65C
White Beeswax 62C
Yellow Beeswax 62C
Cyrstal Clear Wax 90C
Siliconyl Polyethylene 65C - 75C
Lauryl Laurate 23C - 30C
Stearic Acid 69.6C
Weight: Sample (10g)