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L-Lysine on Sericite

L-Lysine on Sericite has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 10 reviews.
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Sericite mica given extra "cushion" by surface treatment with Lauroyl Lysine, a natural ingredient.

Mica (77019), Lauroyl Lysine
Particle size (5-8 microns)

Lauroyl Lysine is derived from coconut and palm oils. It is an expensive raw material, and so is commonly added to a formula as a surface-treatment on a less expensive base powder. In this case, Sericite Mica is the base powder.

If you rub some L-Lysine treated Sericite on your skin next to plain Sericite, you will notice an increased "cushion" or bounce. It also has improved compressibility for those of you doing your own pressed powders. Finally, Sericite Mica which is surface-treated with Lauroyl Lysine is softer, silkier, smoother and both oil- and water-resistant.

In short, this product offers many positive attributes.

This product containts about 5% of L-Lysine.

Size: Sample (6g)