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TKB Lip Liquid - Presto Change-o Magic Color

TKB Lip Liquid - Presto Change-o Magic Color has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 62 reviews.
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Goodbye boring lips
Hello world of whimsy!

TKB's Presto Change-o Magic Color Lip Liquid is a color additive.  You don't put it on your lips directly, you add it to your project.  And frankly, you don't need to add much.  We used to recommend between 2%-5% by weight, but customer reviews have advised to take that number down.  Maybe 0.5% to start.  For our Halloween Kit colors, we did end up around 3%.  But you should "work your way up".

All this means that a 1 fluid ounce bottle of TKB Magic Presto Change-o Magic Color Lip Liquid will easily color 1-2 pounds of base.  (Note: you could put it directly on your lips but your lips would be stained extremely pink and you would regret it.  Save that idea for when you want to get back at your pesky little brother and be grounded for a week).

By the way, the best way to remove it from the skin is with a makeup remover or an oil.  That is more gentle than scrubbing at it with soap and water.

How to work with it:

Add it to a lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss, and -- possibly -- a lip oil.  If you add to a lip oil, the oil must be thick enough to keep the color "suspended". If it is too thin, the color will settle out.  Daring folk can add to a cheek stain or use for a similar purpose.

More is not always better, so start with the least amount possible and increase as you need.  Here is an image showing what the product looks like added to clear Lip Gloss Base.  You can see that adding the color will impact the color of the product in the bottle.

  • You can mask this color by adding other colors.  For example, if you add green mica to the blend (we suggest our True Green Mica), it will appear green/grey in the bottle (all mica powders turn a little pink when in contact with Presto).  But, when applied to the lips, it will bloom into a hot pink.

  • In this image you see how the color looks on the lips.  See how you get plenty of staining at the lower range. Going stronger can actually overwhelm the product.

Here are some important tips for working with Presto Change-o:

  • The product is very staining.  Always work with gloves and a covered table top.  As well, expect your utensils to become stained. The good news is, that once the product stains your lips, it doesn't transfer to clothing or stain other areas, so it is pretty great at "staying in place".

  • The product is very reactive (turns hot pink) to any pH which is above it on the pH scale (the product itself sits at around 3).  You skin and lips, alcohol, water will all react with the color.

  • Mica pigments will turn pink when exposed to Presto.  That means if you add Polished Silver it will turn a purple color (silver + pink = purple), so be prepared for unexpected changes.

  • Plastic Glitters, however do NOT turn pink, they stand separate.  If you want  clear gloss with glittery colors interspersed considering using plastic glitter (

  • To clean up, use soap and water.  I also find that using wipes made specifically for cleaning up hair dyes is a great option.

Coupled with your creativity, TKB Presto Change-o Magic Color Lip Liquid can result in custom colors as unique as a unicorn's mane.

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Red 27 (45410:1)

Shelf Life is 24 months. 1floz of a Lip Liquid contains about 600 drops of color. This is enough to color approximately (30) 3-gram lipsticks.  Lip Liquid™ is a registered trademark by TKB Trading LLC.

This product is extremely staining.  It is reactive to pH.

We recommend you use between 2%-5% by weight of the Lip Liquid in your project.  This means that 1 fluid ounce bottle of TKB Magic Presto Change-o Magic Color Lip Liquid will easily color a pound of material, and you probably have too much.

TKB Magic Presto Change-o Magic Color Lip Liquid is very staining once it is exposed to water, alcohol or skin.  So, always always always work on a covered surface, use gloves, and expect to get messy.  We highly recommend you have Hair Dye removing Wipes on hand such as Framar Kolor Killer Wipes (found on Amazon).  You can also use soap and water, but something formulated for dye removal is more effective.

Once you get used to working with the product, you'll quickly discover a huge opportunity for unique, surprising and exciting lip product designs.  For example, if you color your Lip Gloss with our Black Pearl Lip Liquid or Black Mica, it will appear black in the tube, but once applied the lips turn pink.




Extremely Staining.  Wear Gloves!  Work on a covered surface!  Clean with soap and water or dye removing wipes.

Size: 1floz (30ml)