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TKB Eyeshadow Kits Review with DIY Blogger MissusKisses

TKB Eyeshadow Kits Review with DIY Blogger MissusKisses

We absolutely love it when TKB customers get creative with our products! 

DIY Blogger MissusKisses recently created her own cream/mousse eyeshadows with our DIY makeup kits featuring TKB Mousse Medium. Here’s what she has to say:

“These kits are a great starting point to test out how the TKB Mousse Medium works with different types of color pigments: colorful matte pigments from the Beach Life Kit, iridescent/interference pigments as highlighters from the Mermaid Kit, dark shimmery shifters from the Ocean Deep Kit, and glittery, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate-based pigments from the Seashore Kit. They are also a great way for you to determine which packaging you prefer: a squeeze tube, or a glass tube with a wand.

I’m addicted to TKB Mousse Medium now, and I’ll definitely be buying more of it to play around with!”

Check out the original eyeshadow looks MissusKisses created with our TKB eyeshadow kits:


Read her full review and blog post of our Eyeshadow Kits:

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