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Introducing TKB Trading’s Ready-to-Wear (Flexagel) Line

Introducing TKB Trading’s Ready-to-Wear (Flexagel) Line

Indie Beauty entrepreneurs wear many hats. YOU are marketing, accounting, IT, sales, production, janitor… 

… How to take back some of your time and reinvest it into your business?

The team at TKB has been working hard in our lab developing a new line of lip glosses and lip creams that are ready-to-wear! We call them Flexagels because they give you the flexibility to pack down as is (or customize), saving you time and money.

So far, we have 18 products in the Flexagel line. Read on for details!  

TKB Lip Gloss Base (Flexagel)

TKB Lip Gloss Base (Flexagel) is a crystal clear, and high-shine, lip gloss base which includes skin-loving natural ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin E. It glides on smoothly, leaving your customers’ lips glossy and luminous. With a preservation system already mixed in, the product is ready for you to repackage and resell. This makes it perfect for those who are just starting their lip gloss business. 

If you’re someone who prefers to add a personal touch, TKB Lip Gloss Base (Flexagel) also has great suspension power! Customize with your favorite TKB pigments, micas, and glitters! 

TKB Jelly Glosses

TKB Jelly Glosses are pre-colored and pre-scented lip glosses, made from batch-certified dyes and flavored with cosmetic flavoring oils. Like the TKB Lip Gloss Base (Flexagel), it already has a preservation system mixed in. Save time and money by not having to source all these individual ingredients. Pack them down "as is" or mix and match to create your own colors and scents. Or get fancy and layer them for an ombre effect!Colors and scents are:

  • 🥥 Coco Coconut (Blue / Coconut Flavoring Oil)
  • 🍓 Strawberry Shortcake (Red / Strawberry Flavoring Oil)
  • 🍋 Lemonsicle (Yellow / Lemon Verbena Flavoring Oil)
  • 🍇 Mixed Berries (Purple / Mixed Berry Flavoring Oil) 
  • 🍊 Orange Sherbert (Orange / Orange Cream Flavoring Oil)
  • 🍉 Juicy Watermelon (Pink / Watermelon Flavoring Oil)
  • 🍏 Sour Apple (Clear / Green Apple Flavoring Oil)


Money Maker Collection 

The Money Maker Collection consists of 10 color-rich lip creams which are formulated with the perfect balance of pigment/shine/non-sticky ratio that one would expect from a high end cosmetics brand. Each individual color is named after the hard work and effort that a side hustle demands of an entrepreneur (feisty, unbeatable, electric, fierce devine…..). Like the rest of the Flexagel Line, it already has a preservation system mixed in so the product is ready for you to repackage and resell. Which name do you relate to the most?

  • 💋 Ambitious (rosy pink)
  • 💋 Confident (brown with red undertones)
  • 💋 Divine (pink coral)
  • 💋 Electric (bright & bold coral)
  • 💋 Feisty (bright & bold light red)
  • 💋 Fierce (bright & bold red)
  • 💋 Inspired (mauve red/purple) 
  • 💋 Invincible (bright & cool light purple)
  • 💋 Successful (warm & rosy plum)
  • 💋 Unbeatable (light brown with red undertones)

If you’re someone who prefers to add a personal touch or create your own lip creams, we will soon launch our TKB Lip Cream Base (Flexagel). You’ll be able to customize your lip creams with your favorite TKB pigments, micas, and glitters!

We’re just starting with our new line of ready-to-wear lip gloss & lip cream bases (Flexagels). By working with TKB Flexagels, you can reinvest more time into building your brand and spend less time worrying about formulations! We may not be able to do your marketing or accounting, but we sure want to make your lives easier! Not only do we strive to be a catalyst for your creativity, we also want to empower you as entrepreneurs. Join us and create your ever-expanding lip glosses!

Share with us on social media @tkbtrading about all the hats you wear as a small business owner and what ready-to-wear products you would like to see more of! 

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Rayssa & Thao and the rest of the TKB Trading Team


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