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We are shipping in 1-3 business days.
We are shipping in 1-3 business days.
Covid-19 Status Update

Covid-19 Status Update

TKB's Shelter-in-Place started on March 16.  As things have evolved, we have made some changes to how we operate.  

  1. Staff Reduction.  Half of our staff is sheltering at home or are on unemployment.  So, our current processing time is 5-14 days (this will improve when the Shelter-in-Place order is lightened).

  2. Quick-To-Ship program.  Our QTS program is a response to both Covid-19 as well as the struggles we were having earlier in 2020 with shipping as quickly as customers required.  The key to QTS is that we are moving our inventory to an offsite fulfillment center.  This center will provide TKB customers 1-3 business days processing.  Please look for more and more products to be added to the QTS section.

  3. No Free Shipping on orders over $100.  Shipping from an offsite location is requiring us to remove our long-standing "Free Shipping on orders over $100".  The removal of this perk will also give us freedom to offer other incentives to our customers, so we do hope to also give back down the road.

  4. No RUSH option.  You can still pay for overnight shipping, but we no longer allow customers to push their orders to the front of the line by paying a $6 RUSH fee.
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